Fly Fishing For Carp

The carp we chase are big and wary. They eat anything from streamers, all the way down to nymphs..We fish the flats on foot to pods of carp that come into the shallows to feed and spawn. Some of these pods will be 100+ fish in a location, and other times we will find 10-20. They are typically in 2-5 feet of water feeding on various food forms. They are very sensitive to water temperature. Finding fish one day in one location does not mean they will be in the same location the following day. Our team of guides has learned to adjust to this eventuality by moving to new locations day to day where we find fish on a consistent basis.


The fish we target are typically in the range of 15-35lbs. When you hook up they take you directly into the backing running way out into the outer flats. They typically run into the backing multiple times before getting to a point where they can be landed.